Michael Podolinsky is Asia’s Productivity Guru. As the author of the McGraw Hill Productivity Series including 'Productivity: Winning in Life!' & 'Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams In Asia’, he has served over 770 organizations in 37 countries on 7 continents.

Michael empowers leaders, managers, teams, and organizations by unlocking their teams' personal and professional productivity & tapping into their potential. A business owner for 38 years, he's worked with MNCs, SMEs, governments, the military, medical/pharma, banking/insurance, and hospitality sectors for decades.

As a lecturer with the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) since January 1989, he’s been instrumental in changing training, education, and growth within Singapore and in 18 Asia-Pacific countries. His books are endorsed by SGX Listed Billion dollar company Executive Chairman Raymond Goh, Stella Tan, CEO of Sampo Insurance, Jack Perkowski CEO and founder of ASIMCO Technologies in China (China’s #2 aftermarket auto parts company and an Investment bank), and Michael Segal, former CEO of Meritus Hotels and Resorts.

Michael is not a ‘theorist’ but provides practical tools and techniques HR professionals, managers, and individuals can apply at work and home. 90% of his work is with repeat clients.

His radio shows, newspaper & magazine columns, audiobooks, books, white papers, television-radio-business publication interviews, speeches, and workshops have benefited over 11 million people worldwide.

Michael Podolinsky, CSP Global Speaking Fellow