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The most interesting presentation I have heard … Feedback from the agency force has been fantastic. They are all charged up and raring to go. Your presentation was exactly what we needed.

–AIA Singapore

Author of 16 books on productivity.

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“Your Impactful facilitation was seen at all the subsequent Business Meetings.”

–Mitch Pulver, GM-Solutia

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“You really DID Double our Productivity!”

–Chris Kelway, Exec.-IBM

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“The course did something to create safer and wiser pilots.”

–Justin Lean , Pilot-SIA

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Michael Podolinsky CSP, CSPGlobal – Asia’s Productivity Guru

Productivity Solutions And Systems: Improve Profits. Reduce Costs. Boost Productivity.

Developing productive leaders & teams, equipping them with the skills necessary to succeed. Full time professional Speaker, Trainer, Adviser, Facilitator and Mentor

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