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Definition: What is productivity? “Value-add”.

Productivity is a measure of your value-add to what you do. If you do not add value to your work, you have no productivity. If you can double or triple what gets done, you are massively productive. How to increase Productivity? Productivity Tools like Time Management, Training, Seminars, Prioritizing, Life Work Balance and even Stress Management contribute to improve productivity.

We teach 21st century techniques for productive time & stress management and productive management and team development practices . Forget goal setting and start goal attaining. To work productivly, work from your PASSIONS and stop working at a ‘job’. Set your life and career priorities and keep them in front of you for focus and success. Control technology so it does not control you. Get the people in your life into your system to optimize productivity, becoming the person you deserve to become. Balance your life and have more fun. Michael’s book on the subject “Productivity: Winning in Life” was published in 2011 as part of a McGraw Hill Productivity Series authored by Michael. The Singapore Instutite of Management has been running this course 4 times a year since January 1989 and is one of the highest attended programmes SIM offers. Michael consistently receives ratings over 4.6 on a 1 to 5 scale. His content is always fresh and relevant in the Asian context. Order here…

Management & Team Productivity:

Learn cognitive / behavioral psychology and how to motivate individuals and teams. Discover methods to motivate and influence Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Delegate like a master, communicate like a professional and build teams that are unstoppable. Advance your career and make more money. Michael’s newest book, “Productivity: Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia” contains secrets from top leaders in Asia on HOW TO motivate cross cultural teams, make teams in Asia gel and excel, create success systems and have your individuals and teams beat or exceed targets. Order here…

Leadership & Systems Productivity:

Leadership is learned, not inborn; easier for some but attainable by most. Become a productive leader others look up to and propel your career and your team in the process. Develop and implement systems that breed successes and ensure your team’s productivity. There is such a shortage today of true leadership and planning. ‘Adhoc’ leadership is an oxymoron. Leaders must be able to turn their vision into reality and without a vision and a plan to achieve that vision, will never be leaders at all. Thankfully, no need to reinvent the wheel! Learn from the masters that Michael has worked with and master what you learn. Michael’s been teaching this for over 20 years and his workshops have helped to transform organizations worldwide.

Productive Meetings:

Michael also wrote the first book on Facilitation Skills in Asia title, “Mining For Gold! Facilitation Skills to Unearth a Wealth of Ideas From Your Team.” published by Pearson Prentice Hall. In this book and his seminars, he shares how to facilitate, train and conduct awesome meetings with amazingly productive results. Learning how to prepare for meetings and training sessions, control dominators, get quiet types to open up and share as well as stay on time, on task and achieve your set objectives are skills Michael shares. Order here …

Sales Productivity and Productive Sales Management:

Michael’s upcoming book, “Productivity: Mastering Sales Productivity” Teaches sales people and sales managers what they need to know to be more productive in this transformed world of selling. No one has the time to listen to sales people any more. They only want (and need) skilled advisors. Professionals who can cut through the mountains of data in a scant few minutes and help them make their buying decision. The cold call is not dead as most claim, it’s transformed into a ‘warm’ call with 5 minutes of searching via a smart phone. Most claim the buyer now has control but the reality is, the buyer has ALWAYS had control. Great sales people have always needed to provide what buyers need and want. It’s just so different today that new and improved skills are essential.

Productivity Tools for organizations and teams include:

Team Building, Time Management, Goal Attainment, Management Skills, Motivation, Training, Leadership, Delegation, Communications, Prioritizing Work, Delegation, Stress Management and Work-Life Balance. Systems Improvement, Strategic Planning, Goal Attainment, Analytics and Quality Control Measures. We specialise in most of these areas and network with others to provide all these solutions for our clients.

Personal Productivity: 90 Minute Marval

Management, Leadership, Team Productivity Personal & Professional Time Management Michael Podolinsky CSP, Global Speaking Fellow

Michael was the FIRST Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) living in Singapore full time and one of only 17 living in Asia and the Middle East out of 700 worldwide

– Asia’s Productivity Guru

My latest book...

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