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Michael Podolinsky CSP, Global Speaking Fellow

– Asia’s Productivity Guru

Productivity Solutions And Systems:

Improve Profits. Reduce Costs. Boost Productivity.

Full time professional Speaker, Trainer, Adviser, Facilitator and Mentor to those who desire to maximize their productivity.

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Michael Podolinsky CSP, Global Speaking Fellow is Asia’s Productivity Guru; the one CEOs, directors and business leaders need. He speaks the language of International business having served clients in 36 countries on 6 continents. Michael does NOT deliver theory or fluff. Michael shares real-world solutions garnered from his experience and 700+ clients. After 35 years of developing productive leaders and teams, he enables top tier professionals and their leaders to master productivity; boosting sales, lowering turnover, reducing costs, saving time and gaining dramatic results.

Good Questions:Why does Michael enjoy a 90% repeat / referral business? Why has the Singapore Institute of Management employed him for 28 years over 450 times and awarded him 3 top awards for excellence? Why did Microsoft hire him again for their launch of Office 365 for the Cloud? Why was he chosen to moderate Singapore’s first Productivity Forum? Why have 3M, Prudential & AIA used him over 40 times each? Why did Great Eastern Life use Michael for the 13th time to Keynote their 150th anniversary AGM? Why has Singapore military used him over 20 times and PLAB Airbase the last 6 years to win the Eagle Challenge 6 consecutive times in a row?

Answer: RESULTS!As the author of 15 books published by top publishers like McGraw Hill and Pearson Prentice Hall (the two largest publishers in the world) and frequent contributor to major media, his information and business advice is rock solid and cutting edge.

CLIENT RESULTS! Michael’s clients enjoy awesome results and success every year:

  • General Electric Healthcare Asia grew 22%
  • PT Prudential Indonesia expanded at a rate of 52.5%
  • Amega Global grew 200% a year!

Let Michael help you and your team get results like this too as he serves clients in 36 countries on 6 continents; over 3600 audiences. Over 11 million people worldwide benefit from his powerful productivity message.

Author of 15 books on Productivity including his McGraw Hill Productivity Series, he’s helped over 700 organisations in 36 countries unlock their teams personal and professional productivity and tap into their potential. Himself a business owner for 35 years, he’s shared with MNCs, government, military, medical/pharma, banking/insurance and hospitality sectors for decades. As a lecturer with the Singapore Institute of Management for 28 years he’s been instrumental in changing training, education and growth within Singapore and in 18 AsiaPac countries. His book, ‘Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia’ is endorsed by SGX Listed Billion dollar company Executive Chairman Raymond Goh, Stella Tan, CEO of Sampo Insurance, Jack Perkowski CEO and founder of ASIMCO Technologies in China (China’s #2 aftermarket auto parts company and an Investment bank) and Michael Sengol, former CEO of Meritus Hotels and Resorts. and ‘Productivity: Winning In Life!’ empower people with information that works in Asia and around the world.

Methodology: Michael was the FIRST Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) living in Singapore full time and one of only 17 living in Asia and the Middle East out of 700 worldwide and one of 21 first chosen as Global Speaking Fellows the HIGHEST EARNED DESIGNATION IN THE SPEAKING WORLD! Yet, Michael will not talk AT you or your people. He shares and lets you and your people interact and share their wisdom as well. He is currently learning and becoming an expert in BLENDED, ONLINE and ADAPTIVE LEARNING. Why? Adults do not learn in a lecture format (20% effective). They DO learn in an environment that connects their past, present and future and one that forces them to challenge their assumptions, past behaviours and legacy systems. Gen Y learns best in a blended or online format. Adults need new ideas to stretch their creativity and comfort zones. There is NO ‘thinking out of the box’ or “getting people out of their comfort zone”! These are myths. “All we can do for learners is eliminate the ‘box’ and stretch their minds to overlap with a new reality while stretching their ‘comfort zones’.” says Podolinsky.

Even in speeches Michael uses questions, quick activities, video clips, volunteers and his trademark humour to influence and INVOLVE the audience. In his workshops, his proprietary custom designed and delivered exercises, activities, games and Keynote® slideshows (he does not use PowerPoint) make for fun and interactive programmes that are remembered and produce results. (Michael studies current design and slide enhancement)

You deserve better! You’ve heard the kids and read the hype. If you’ve outgrown ‘fish stories’, ‘cheese moving’ and ‘oceans’ (no matter what colour), then it’s time to get some reality. You and your people deserve to experience a presenter with REAL experience, Michael Podolinsky CSP, Global Speaking Fellow!

GUARANTEE: Want guaranteed results? Michael built his business over the past 35 years by offering this iron-clad guarantee: “Either you are happy with the programme or advice Michael shares, or you owe him NOTHING!” All he asks are 3 prerequisites: 1) He can survey all or at least 20 attendees to understand their needs. 2) HR or person in charge completes Podolinsky’s Client Customisation Form to help ‘marry him’ to the group. 3) He must meet with the highest rank who will be in the room a week prior and hopefully that person’s boss as well.

Your leaders and teams will master:

  • Leadership Productivity
  • Productive Team Development
  • Motivation to Produce More Results
  • Managment & Productive Leadership Strategies, Skills & Techniques
  • Strategic Planning, Implementation & Decision Making
  • Podolinsky proprietary ACTS-IM™Goal Attainment™
  • Podolinsky’s proprietary ABCDE Project Prioritization System™
  • Leadership Productivity Through Communication Development
  • Running Productive Meetings™ (one of business’s top time wasters)
  • Boosting Personal, Team and Project Productivity
  • Podolinsky’s Daily Focus List™
  • ON TIME Goal Attainment and Project Completion
  • Productive Time and Stress Management to Get 20% to 50% MORE done in less time
  • Psychology in Motivating People to Achieve Goals, Lower Costs and Sell More
  • How to Productively Deal With Difficult People

CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Explained:

The CSP designation is an independent audit of a speaker and his business for expertise, eloquence, enterprise and ethics. The independent audit group, at the behest of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), reviewed Podolinsky International Pte Ltd by interviewing and surveying clients, reviewing and evaluating five years of business practices including ethics, customer service and follow through, the return on investment received by our clients and the speaking ability of our Speaker and CEO, Michael Podolinsky CSP. We are one of fewer than 660 business worldwide who passed with flying colors out of over 15,000 in our profession. Podolinsky International Pte Ltd was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation as a business and we were evaluated as a business. We honor what we achieved with the teams inside and outside our business that helped us achieve this goal.

Global Speaking Fellow Explained:

The Global Speaking Fellow designation was awarded to Michael in the first cohort of ‘brand ambassadors’ of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). It is the highest earned ranking a speaker can achieve. Prerequisite is CSP and the additional requirements include: Contributing to the industry in a minimum of 4 market areas (Michael has done so in 6 markets). An acute cultural awareness and sensitivity is also required.

IBM (3 continents), Microsoft, Toshiba, HP, Tyco, Philips Electronics (6 times), JVC, Seagate, CISCO, Adobe, DSO, National Semiconductor, Semiconductor, Industry Association of Singapore, A*Star, NXP Semiconductor, KOMAG (Penang), Medtronic (USA & Taiwan), Aspect Software, Adobe Software
Prudential (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, Hong Kong), AIA (46 times), Great Eastern (13 times), HSBC, AXA RE (Three week-long retreats to Perth for their top client CEOs), Tenet Sompo (5 times), UOB (3 times), Maybank (Singapore & Malaysia), Citibank Private Bankers, Citibank, OCBC (9 times), HSBC, Lonsdale Financial, Association of Financial Planners Singapore, MAA, Public Bank Malaysia & Namibia, Institute Bank-Bank Malaysia (Alor Setar, JB, PJ, KL, Subang, Penang, Labuan, KK, KB, Kuching over 30 times), Arab Malaysian Bank, BNP Paribas (12 times), UBS Singapore & HK (4 times)
Singapore Airlines, Silk Air (CE & HODs and 2nd tier), Thai Airways International (3 week-long trainings), Shangri La (individual properties and DSOs) / Hyatt / Sheraton / Holiday Inns / Westin HODs, The Datai Resort (HODs 3 times), Andaman Hotel HODs & 2nd tier (3 times), Genting Highlands Resorts World HODs, Dusit Thani Hotel, The Fullerton Hotel and Fullerton Bay Hotel HODs, The Royal Chulan Hotel HODs, TTG Mice Convention, Sydney Convention and Visitors Bureau, Uniglobe India, Restaurants Association of Singapore (3 times for owners and GMs), Hospitality Association of New Zealand (9 times for GMS and HODs), Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers (SACEOS), Singapore MICE Forum (2 times), Tourism Training Western Australia (3 times for owners and GMs), Society Incentive Travel Executives (North America and Asia), A & W Family Restaurants Malaysia, South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA)
OSRAM, JVC, Caterpillar Asia, Mobil Oil, BP, Shell, 3M (40+ times in Asia and USA), Ameron, General-Dynamics, Honeywell (USA & Asia), Tyco (two times), Stahl Asia, Bax Global, Singtel, M1 (3 times), KOMAG, Southern California Gas, Swiber Holdings (SGX billion dollar company), Neptune Lines, Port of Singapore Authority (7 times), Intergol-Rand, DuPont, Mondi Paper (SA), DeBeers owned Orapa Diamond Mines (Botswana), AAR, Heidelberg Cement (world’s largest), Saudi Readimix (2 times for HODs, FABCON (USA)
Singapore Ministry of Education (2 times), Singapore Institute of Management (450+ times), SIM University, Malaysian Institute of Management (20+ times) NUS, Temasek / Ngee Ann / Nan Yang Polytechnics, U of M, NIE, University of Western Sydney, Times Education (6 times), WITTS Business School South Africa (6 times), various alumni groups including NUS Alumni, Institute for International Research (8 times), American Society of Training and Development, Duke/NUS Medical School, SMU, Hamline University (2 times)
Singapore Productivity Association, Botswana National Productivity Board, PSB Academy (Singapore Productivity and Standards Board Academy 2 times), Monetary Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI-USA), Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division (USA), Singapore Navy (2 times), Singapore Air Force (12 times), US Marines Corp Reserves, Prime Minister’s Office – Singapore (5 years training Founders Course – those groomed to become MPs), United Nations (3 day leadership training), Defense Science and Technology Association Singapore, DSO, South Africa Police Services (2 times), Singapore Police Force, Certis Cisco (4 times)
Schering-Plough, Singapore General Hospital (seven 2-day workshops), Changi General Hospital, National University Hospital (twelve 2-day workshops), SQUniversity Hospital Oman (10 half days and 5 speeches), Mayo Clinic, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (HOD Retreat), Raffles Medical Institute (trainers training), Pfizer, Roche, GSK, Sanofi-Aventis (Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong), Schering Plough, Novartis (2 times), 3M Medical (40+ times USA and Asia), Medtronic (USA & Taiwan), Telectronics & Cordis, GE Healthcare, Hospital Management Asia (6 times), Philips Healthcare, West Pharmaceuticals, Dumex Thailand, Danone Baby Nutrition, Cook Medical (world’s largest privately owned company)
SingPost, TNT, Bax Global, Fuji Xerox (3 times), Neptune Lines, Hill & Knowlton, Delphi, Pepsi/Frito-Lay, Coldwell Banker,, JobsCentral,, Times India (3 cities), HRM Summit (5 programmes), Young President’s Organization, JTC, Retail Management Institute of Australia, Cerebos (6 times – Country Heads and HODs), Duty Free Shopping, Siemens Building Technologies, Tan Duc Training (12 times HCMC and Hanoi), Mediacorp, Amega Global (3 times – Genting & Bali), NuSkin, Nature’s Herbs, Navagos Group Vietnam (HCMC & Hanoi)


When not traveling the world with his bride of 17 years, Sarnai and their 2 children, this Singapore PR can be found in his daily quiet time (his faith in Christ is primary in his life), weightlifting, mountain biking or investing time with their children. When time allows, he loves playing chess with his children and playing alto sax. He also enjoys writing and often vacations with his Macbook Pro to write and relax. He listens to everything from Christian music to baroque chamber music (the harpsichord fascinates him), jazz and audio books. Since 1969 he’s practiced Karate but at this stage in life, he hardly has the time with his schedule. He weighs the same as he did in his university days and eats a healthy diet and exercises in the gym or brisk walks almost daily.

Personal Productivity: 90 Minute Marval

Management, Leadership, Team Productivity Personal & Professional Time Management Michael Podolinsky CSP, Global Speaking Fellow

Michael was the FIRST Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) living in Singapore full time and one of only 17 living in Asia and the Middle East out of 700 worldwide

– Asia’s Productivity Guru

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